Joining GSN

Full and Affiliate Partnerships can be sought by network entities. 

Entities that meet the following criteria will be eligible for Full Partnership of the Global Spatial Network:
  • use spatial information and related geomatic technology (GIS, positioning and location, remote sensing, photogrammetry, other sensor systems, visualizations etc.) for the benefit of society (public or private sector)
  • collaborate in a network structure (multi‐site, multi‐discipline) that typically involves government agencies; universities; other research organizations; and the private sector
  • make substantial investments in research that leads to innovations that can be shared
  • incorporate such research with training and education for students and professionals; and
  • other criteria as determined from time‐to‐time by the Board

New partner applications will only be accepted through written application to the Board, with acceptance subject to meeting the specific criteria and Board approval. Register your interest.