Geo Life Region

Future Position X, is one of three winners of the 2013 VINNVÄXT funding round. This success means FPX has funding for 10 years to develop innovative geographic information solutions for public health using geographic information technology.

The initiative, called Geo Life Region, aims to better understand individuals' movements and behaviours to improve health and wellbeing. The proposal required active participation of stakeholders in industry, research, politics and public affairs.

“The GSN community is proud to be a part of this exciting initiative. Gävleborg is the ideal place to establish the Geo Life program given the leadership of spatial industries in this region. Results of the program will be adopted by other communities world-wide” says Nicholas Chrisman, President of the GSN.

VINNVÄXT promotes sustainable growth by developing internationally competitive in specific regional growth areas. The program has been going since 2001 and today comprises eleven initiatives around the country. 


It is an exciting time for FPX. We have launched several new spinoff companies in the last months. We received a lot of great media attention for our bid and results coming out of our innovation processes. The first week of June 2013 marked the launch of the book about our first 10 years as an innovation cluster.

We are now one of nine finalists in the call for a 10 year funding of our vision for developing the Geo Life Region.

GSN conducts first Think-Tank event in Gavle Sweden

In March 2013 a group of researchers from around the World converged on Gävle, Sweden to provide expert advice on the broad field of geohealth. FPX are building on their history of successful innovations by establishing a new geohealth research centre and seeking support from the Swedish Government through the Vinnvaxt program.

FPX called on GSN to provide expertise in the field of geohealth. Over two intensive days, nine researchers from seven institutions in four countries scoped an R&D agenda that will result in new sensors and spatial analytical methods to manage information on human behaviours.

The resulting vision for the FPX innovation centre blends spatial expertise to benefit the health of individuals and the general public.