GEOmatics for Informed DEcisions (GEOIDE)

The GEOIDE Network was funded by the Networks of Centres of Excellence program (NCE). The NCE establishes unique partnerships among universities, industries, government and non-profit organizations aimed at turning Canadian research and entrepreneurial talent into economic and social benefits for all Canadians.

GEOIDE mobilized researchers and students at 32 Canadian universities over a fourteen year period. It coordinated 121 projects with a total value of CAD79.4 Million. These projects have engaged 54 industry partners, 42 governmental organizations, and collaborators at 38 foreign universities and non-profit organizations.


GEOIDE distinguished itself as a world-class research project manager in the field of geomatics.  It delivered a strong network and a unique multi-disciplinary research partnership to government and industry leaders. GEOIDE’s operations generated substantial benefits to society and the economy.

Stakeholders were universities, their researchers and students; governments and the business community. GEOIDE contributed substantially to the scientific body of knowledge and to the geomatics industry and the Canadian community.


  • Over 100 major research projects
  • Supported highly qualified personnel who have made substantial contributions to our economy
  • Established successful start-up companies
  • Patented new generation navigational satellite technologies
  • Presented yearly conference on projects and innovation
  • Initiated and organized yearly summer school with outstanding attendance