International R&D Potential - Sweden Round Table


Funding into international joint innovation and research projects for 10 years was the focus of a GSN Round Table Meeting in Sweden. Future Position X (FPX) will submit the funding proposal to the Swedish government in May. The Round Table meeting further developed Sweden’s Geo Health Innovation Strategy, which will become part of the proposal.


The official agencies in Gävleborg are in the process of developing a new vision for the next ten years and an agenda for research in the field of Geo Health in Sweden. Gävleborg will become one of the largest innovation centres in Europe for Spatial Information Technologies with a focus on Geo Health.

To achieve this goal, members of GSN from around the world were invited to FPX to discuss the Geo Health Innovation Strategy. Members explored the opportunities for creating a common research and innovation team, or setting up joint projects. The Round Table meeting aimed to find joint areas of research, which could then be written into the Innovation Strategy.

The city of Gävle has developed over the past 15 years into a European innovation and research centre of excellence in the field of Spatial Information Technologies. The Gävleborg region houses 2000 specialists and in total over 6000 people working in this field. Furthermore, the University of Gävle is the largest for education and research in this field in Sweden. FPX also hosts the Government INSPIRE centre for Geo Data Quality and testing.

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